Enrolled: 11 students
Duration: 4 months
Lectures: 69
Video: 20
Level: Advanced

Welcome to your pathway to becoming a robotics software engineer. This programme is designed to enhance your software engineering skills, with a focus on practical robotics applications using C++ and ROS2. You’ll start with fundamental concepts and advance to specialised topics, ensuring a thorough grasp of software development for robotics.

Modules Overview:

  1. Brush up on C++ from a robotics perspective:

    • Refresh and expand your C++ skills, with an emphasis on scenarios you’ll encounter in robotics. This module sets the foundation for more complex topics ahead.
  2. Drive Mobile Robots with ROS2:

    • Dive into the essentials of robot operation using ROS2, focusing on mobility and navigation techniques that are crucial for real-world applications.
  3. Robotic Sensing:

    • Explore how sensors integrate with robotics. You’ll learn to handle sensor data effectively, which is crucial for tasks like navigation and object detection.
  4. Control Systems with ROS2 Control:

    • Focus on developing and implementing control systems that allow robots to perform precise and purposeful movements based on sensor inputs.
  5. More coming Soon

Throughout the learning path, you’ll engage with practical assignments that reinforce each module’s concepts. We use a clear and straightforward submission process, and you’ll always have support through our dedicated Discord channel.